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PETRO-DRILL GLOBAL CONCEPTS is a multinational energy servicing company with a global approach to a world leading state of the art oil and gas upstream exploration services.

Hydroscan / Orescan

An Innovative helicopter-based passive seismo-electromagnetic exploration technology which is used to detect hydrocarbon(HC)

Petro-Drill promotes the Geo Exploration Technologies Hydroscan & Orescan technologies which are Highly beneficial for the Exploration of Oil / Gas and mining /detection of natural resources of Solid minerals deposits

Oil Data Analysis

We consult in 3D Seismic site survey and Reservoir data acquisition and analysis in our Data Centers, We support our clients in discovering potential oil and gas zones for production purposes.

Petro-Drill Global IADC Membership

Petro-Drill Global is a certified member of the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC)

Oil Well Drilling

We procure and deploy Directional Drilling Downhole tools and equipment for our Drilling and Measurement Clients

Testing & Laboratory Equipment Procurement

We offer and procure a variety of Mud Laboratory and Drill Fluid Equipment such as cement testing equipment, Ultrasonic Cement Analyzers, Gas Migration Equipment, Centrifuges etc

Drill rig types available for lease, or purchase

We help our clients secure Good and quality US Based rigs for both onshore and offshore Drilling operations, we also help our clients with in-house financing and modification of all cold-stacked rigs for deployment to end destination

Our Divisions

Exploration and Production Services

Consultants of an innovative Exploration and Production Services such as Hydroscan, Orescan, and a Hi-tech Enhanced Oil Recovery Technique called EPM

Drill Rig Sales and Support Services

Integrated Project Management, Onshore and Offshore Oil Rig Procurement and Purchase Facilitation, Oilfield tools and Equipment Rentals and Drill Rig designs and modifications

Oilfields Equipment Logistics/Shipping

We facilitate Oilfield service delivery package which covers shipping and Oil tool and equipment transfer and general logistics ( Land , Sea and Air)


Our technical unit is readily available to handle your issues from product support to solution design.


Get to Know Us

Petro-Drill Global is a multinational energy support company with a global approach to a multidimensional  solutions to oil and gas upstream, mid-stream and Downstream integrated project management and service delivery. We are the leading Drill Rig consultants in Texas with huge resources of brokering the right type and specification of both Land and Offshore Drill rigs, we also facilitate in-house financing for approved foreign customers and support rig design, modification and re-engineering.

Our business is to provide quality service delivery to meet today’s complex energy challenges.

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Our Mision

To be an evolutionary force to foster innovative technologies to achieve world-class performance for our customer satisfaction.

Our Clientele